About us.





Hey Guys! 

Brooke here. A little bit about my life, my family and most importantly why Im  here.

First and foremost, I have a wonderful family, including my glitter fam. Without this wonderful family I wouldn't be here today so THANK YOU!! I have a beautiful daughter, Addie, and a wonderful, soon to be fiancé, Matt, 2 dogs, Gemma and Ollie. We live the very small town of Cropwell AL. In our spare time, we run a full blown marina, a renovation business, a cup business and Glitter Island. Enough about all that lets talk about why and how we got here. 

In June of 2016, I wanted to try and find something to do from home. Addie was starting school in August and I just wanted to spend the rest of the summer with her so that leads me to how I got here. I purchased my silhouette cameo after I left my job. I knew I would use it for something. I came across a ton of wonderful groups on facebook. These facebook groups taught us how to make anything and everything with this machine. I'm not going to lie I was in hog heaven! I was crafting and cutting decals and cardstock. I went nuts cutting everything I could with it. Soon after I was over the cardstock and vinyl. I had to find something else. I then came across a group that taught us how to make glitter tumblers. Shew, what girl doesn't like glitter! I got excited. So for 2 years I made and sold these gorgeous glitter tumblers on Etsy and facebook marketplace. I still make these today. Long story short, I wanted something more. I wanted my own business. I loved supporting other glitter sellers and I wanted to be just like them. So I spoke to Matt about selling glitter. Man it was a lot of begging and pleading because of course, no man believes that selling glitter makes enough money to stay at home. A few weeks later BOOM, Glitter Island was born. The second best thing that has ever happened to me.( of course family first) Since starting this business, I have met some of the best people I could ever meet. I wouldn't turn back now for anything in the world.